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WEBINAR: Review Of Methylation – Wednesday 30th October

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Title: Review Of Methylation Webinar
Presenter: Antony Haynes BA (Hons) RNT mBANT
Date: Wednesday 30th October 2024
Time: 12pm – 1:30pm GMT (1 hour presentation plus 30 minute live Q&A at the end)

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Review of Methylation Webinar

In the upcoming October webinar, "Review of Methylation," Antony Haynes will guide you through the complexities of this crucial biochemical process. Methylation, involving the transfer of a methyl group to various molecules, plays a pivotal role in numerous physiological functions such as DNA and histone modification, neurotransmitter synthesis, and detoxification. Antony will discuss how specific nutrients, including folate, B vitamins, and choline, are integral to the methylation process. 

Understanding methylation is vital, as it affects gene expression, cellular function, and the body's detoxification pathways. This session will offer insightful knowledge, particularly relevant for those interested in the genetic aspects of health and their implications for cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disorders, and certain types of cancer. This webinar is a must-attend for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of methylation's impact on health, particularly given that up to 50% of the population may have genetic variations affecting their methylation pathways. Join Antony for a captivating and informative journey into the world of methylation.

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