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Herbal HPA x 59ml

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Provides full spectrum active constituents extracts of 3 adaptogenic herb: Eleuthero, Ashwagandha & Maca. These herbs have traditionally been used to support mood, sleep and endurance. Licorice free. 

Herbal HPA is an alternative for the discontinued Licorice Solid Extract by Allergy Research Group.

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This formula is licorice free for those who have a sensitivity to licorice. Eleuthero, Ashwagandha & Maca have been used for centuries to support the body’s response to stress. 

The hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis manages the body’s stress response while also maintaining physiological balance (homeostasis). This is a biological communication system that uses hormones like cortisol to tell the cells throughout the body what to do in every situation. These 3 adaptogenic herbs in Dr. Wilson’s Herbal HPA are blended synergistically to support the HPA axis and promote stress resistance.

This combination has been expertly formulated by Dr. Wilson. His Herbal HPA contains only high quality ingredients and are manufactured in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Procedures (cGMP) to assure purity, potency and quality.

Directions for use

20 drops in juice or water 2 to 4 times a day (20 drops upon rising and 20 before bed. 20 may also be taken at noon and/or mid-afternoon, if desired.)

Nutrition Facts

Servings size: 20 drops (About 0.85ml)
Servings per container: About 70
Per Serving:
Proprietary Extract Blend†: 0.85 ml
    Eleuthero Root,    
    Ashwagandha Root,    
    Maca Root    

‡ NRV not established

Ingredients: purified water and alcohol from tinctures.

† from organic roots

Shake well before using, as sediment may occur.

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