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Bio-Tech Pharmacal Inc.

Bio-Tech Pharmacal started with an idea that became a mission to produce pharmaceutical-grade nutraceuticals in an effort to provide health support worldwide. They’re a veteran-owned, small, family business and we’ve been doing things the right way for more than 35 years. Our winning formula involves just three ingredients, nice and simple, like our products: Great Employees, Pure Raw Materials, and an Unwavering Commitment to Quality.

  • Bio-Tech Pharmacal, Inc. complies with all applicable US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) that are designed to ensure that their products meet the highest quality standards. Utilisation of pure, bio-available vitamin and mineral forms
  • Avoidance of added colours and flavours.
  • Minimal fillers.  They use only pharmaceutical-grade cellulose and silica when needed.
  • Encapsulation in Kosher and Halal-certified all-beef (non-pork) gelatine capsules or Kosher and Halal-certified cellulose-based vegetarian capsules.

Use of two-piece encapsulation technology eliminates the need for the binders, lubricants, coatings, and disintegrants that are used in tablets.

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