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Why are we different?

We are different because we were founded and are managed by practitioners, who uniquely understand the many challenges that healthcare professionals face in integrating nutritional recommendations into their practice settings. For some 50 plus (combined) years the two founders have experienced this on a day to day basis.

We believe the clinical experience of the founders and technical team at Nutri‐Link is unique to the UK. The science behind the over 400 supplement formulations reflects and respects contemporary, pioneering evidence-based nutrition. Their manufacture is rigidly controlled and meets and exceeds all international standards. Nutri‐Link’s service to practitioners and their patients is supportive, collaborative and efficient. Our education and experience-based technical advice is unparalleled in the UK.

Nutri-Link’s technical team of Leonie, Karen, Christine and Antony has a combined 70 years of clinical experience. One of them is available to speak to you each working day. Their aim is to provide technical and clinically relevant information about nutritional products and their uses to practitioners in a friendly and efficient manner.

Practitioners have often expressed their appreciation of this technical and practical support since its inception.

Nutri‐Link has enormous pride in the exceptional standards of product purity, quality and safety as well as the careful science-driven selection of well‐tolerated ingredients. Nutri‐Link provides applicable evidence of efficacy, provides readily available expert technical support, offers affordable pricing, and prompt, reliable service to ensure the retention of your patients’ /clients’ confidence in your recommendations.

Nutri‐Link recognises that healthcare professionals carry the responsibility of assisting and educating patients/clients to understand that optimal nutrition is essential to maintaining their health and recovering from illness. Accordingly, Nutri‐Link constantly strives to provide world-leading practitioner-based education as well as technical and moral support to the healthcare professional, updating and refining the skills required to ensure accurate and clinically relevant recommendations of suitable nutritional supplements to their patient /client.

Whilst Nutri‐Link understands there is no substitute for the best quality whole foods, we and healthcare professionals understand that their overall clinical guidance may also include specially formulated food concentrates, essential fatty acids formulas, antioxidants or microbial agents.

This considered nutritional intervention helps the healthcare professional to meet the unique biochemical needs of the individual and produces successful clinical outcomes. The process of becoming an ‘expert’ in the use and recommendation of nutritional supplements requires a great understanding of human physiology and nutritional biochemistry. The skilled practitioner then combines this knowledge with the best quality products with high levels of efficacy and absorption and educates the patient / client, all of which ensures compliance and optimal outcome. Nutri‐Link helps its practitioner colleagues to achieve this high level of skill and offers the highest quality nutritional supplements to assist the biochemical and physiological optimisation of the patient /client.

As a practitioner-led company we fully understand that above all, just as each patient has individual requirements, each practitioner has different needs that require personalised attention and service. Our integrated line of exceptional, leading edge nutritional supplements reflects Nutri-Link’s commitment to providing healthcare professionals and their patients /clients the prompt and reliable assistance they deserve.

The practice of Integrative / Functional nutritional medicine is sophisticated, and the decisions are complex when it comes to choosing professional products for the patient. Nutri‐Link provides credible and substantive information about their products as well as assisting clinicians in their ongoing need for post graduate education through their sponsored nutritional medicine educational programmes.


The ongoing developments in food supplement technology and science leads to the creation of unique synergistic formulations developed by cooperative teams of scientists and clinicians. To achieve the best possible health outcome these formulations need to be evidence-based, patient specific and manufactured by companies meeting and exceeding GMP standards.

Practitioner Dedicated Supplier

Many companies claim that they produce nutritional supplements for the exclusive use of nutrition‐orientated healthcare practitioners. However, a simple inspection of the internet will reveal that they are more than willing to make their products available to everyone, often at deeply discounted prices.

Nutri‐Link believes that the healthcare professional who has spent many years learning the art and science of nutritional medicine have their position as healthcare provider undermined by these actions, as patients seek to self select and are drawn to price comparisons rather than product efficacy.

The informed and skilled healthcare practitioner practicing Integrated / Functional nutritional medicine is moving away from retail orientated supplements and discovering that the professional product range available through Nutri‐Link meets and exceeds their expectations in term of manufacturing, efficacy, accuracy of labeling, patient compliance and outcome. Nutri‐Link places great emphasis on the development of supporting literature and research that can save consultation time for the Nutrition‐orientated healthcare professional.

Manufacturing Credibility

Nutri‐Link recommends products from companies of whom all have in excess of 25 years experience, and who employ experienced scientists and clinicians within their staff and scientific advisory boards. Healthcare practitioners are rewarded with significant improvement in patient outcomes when they tap into this knowledge and apply it in clinical practice.

Too many companies are producing products that are based on copies or are put together by just one individual. Nutri‐Link aligns itself with the philosophy that the formulations are science led and practice refined, as well as being manufactured to internationally recognised standards of good manufacturing and pharmaceutical reproducibility.

Your decision to use professional nutritional supplements in your clinical practice will ensure your patients /clients remain loyal to you. Their success will be your future. The consumption of nutritional supplements that are neither required nor effective, compromises the health of your patient /client and your practice reputation.
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