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Environment & Charities

Environmental & Social Policy

Nutri-Link is committed to conducting its business in an ethical, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner. This commitment is consistent with our company objectives and is essential to our continued business success. Our Social Responsibility/Environmental Policy is that Nutri-Link will act in an environmentally responsible manner in regard to our operations, products and services.

Nutri-Link managers and employees are expected to support the implementation of this policy in accordance with their roles and responsibilities in the organisation. Nutri-Link reviews its policies on a regular basis, through the dedicated employee assigned to managing this policy and via reviews held by the Board of Directors.

Nutri-Link recognises that the continued health of our planet and our population requires a sustainable approach to business and healthcare and we are committed to obtaining the best results within our capacity to influence our suppliers and end-users.

Charitable Support

Nutri-Link has for many years followed a charitable policy of meeting the needs of human, environmental and animal-based emergency and on-going support. Each year we give substantial funds to a varied group of charities to help them in their ongoing care of our environment for human and animal security.

We support the following charities and will continue to support other local and international groups on an ad-hoc basis.

  1. Shelterbox – Immediate rescue charity post-disaster – based in Cornwall supplying the world
  2. International Trust for Nature Conservation – Animal support
  3. WWF – Trees (40,000 bought in 2009/10) International Tree Conservation
  4. Bumala Trust – Educational charity in Africa for AIDS orphans
  5. Greyton Conservation Society – Environmental Group in South Africa
  6. Greyton-Genadendal Education Fund – Assisting rural learners with secondary and tertiary education
  7. Landmark Foundation – Leopard Conservancy South Africa (Camera Traps)
  8. Greyton Transition Town – an NGO looking to make Greyton sustainable
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