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Long Covid 2024 Programme

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Join renowned expert Antony Haynes BA(Hons), Dip ION, RNT for an exclusive Nutri-Link Practitioner Programme designed to equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively support clients suffering from Long Covid. 

Title: Long Covid Practitioner Programme

Presenter: Antony Haynes BA (Hons) RNT mBANT

Dates: September 23rd – October 11th

Price: £125 + VAT

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This information is for education purposes only. Patients should consult with a qualified healthcare provider before making decisions about therapies and/or health conditions.
Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet.
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This event is only available to Practitioners and Students registered with Nutri-Link.

Programme Highlights: 

  • 6 Live Webinars: Presented by Antony, all will be recorded and uploaded to your accounts to keep along with the slides. 
  • Products: Three full sized products worth over £68 to support you through the programme 
  •  Private Facebook Community: Providing you a place to connect with Antony ask questions about the programme and the other attendees.  
  • Client Protocol: A clear guideline for you to take forward and use in your practice.  

The Webinar series will increase your knowledge on; 

  • Prevalence in the UK: Understand the widespread impact of Long Covid across the UK population. 
  • Symptom Diversity: Gain insights into the numerous and varied ways Long Covid manifests in sufferers. 
  • Symptom Overview: Explore the extensive list of symptoms attributed to Long Covid, offering a comprehensive understanding of this complex condition. 
  • MCAS Connection: Discover the similarities between Long Covid and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS), providing a broader context for treatment strategies. 
  • Spike Protein Impact: Learn about the detrimental effects of the spike protein on mitochondrial function and ACEII receptors, critical for understanding Long Covid's pathology. 
  • Organ and System Involvement: Identify the major organs and systems affected by Long Covid to better target your interventions. 
  • Nutritional Interventions: Delve into key nutritional strategies that help restore energy and vitality in Long Covid sufferers. 
  • Antioxidant Role: Learn the importance of key antioxidants in managing Long Covid symptoms and improving patient outcomes. 
  • Natural Anti-Histamines: Explore natural anti-histamine options to alleviate symptoms associated with Long Covid. 
  • Niacin's Importance: Understand the specific role of niacin in Long Covid recovery and overall health. 
  • Polyphenols Benefits: Learn about the significant benefits of polyphenols in supporting Long Covid patients. 

This comprehensive 3 week programme will empower practitioners with cutting-edge insights and practical solutions to help their clients navigate and recover from Long Covid. Enhance your practice and make a real difference in the lives of those struggling with this debilitating condition. 

Enrol Today for just £150 

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Antony Haynes, a leading authority in the field. Secure your spot and take your practice to the next level. 

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